Quickie Post: The Witch’s Betrayal

I had plans to update my blog with the epic tale of a copy of Predator that literally destroyed my Bluray player1, but alas, work hunted and skinned all of my free time. Fortunately, I can console myself with the happy news of the release of “The Witch’s Betrayal”!

betrayal of the witch

Those of you who paid attention in English class will know that quotations around a title signify a short work, and that’s exactly what “The Witch’s Betrayal” is — a short story set in the world of The Assassin’s Curse. It follows one of Naji’s early adventures as he clashes with the river witch Leila. The story is available over at The Robot Trading Co. as a DRM-free ebook. It only costs £.59! That’s one US dollar! I spend more than that on a coffee at Starbucks.

Hope you enjoy!


1Seriously, this is a real thing that happened to me.

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